VARIOUS ARTISTS ’20 Tighten Ups’ (Trojan TRLS 90) BLACK MUSIC SEPTEMBER 1974: Vol. 1 / Issue 10

BLACK MUSIC SEPTEMBER 1974: Vol. 1 / Issue 10

VARIOUS ARTISTS ’20 Tighten Ups’ (Trojan TRLS 90)

Here I Am Baby – Al Brown / Make It With You – Bobby Houston / A Year Full Of Sundays – King Sporty / Emergency Call – Judy Mowatt / Wide Awake In A Dream -The Setters / Heartaches – Annetta Jackson & Bobby Stephen / I Could Never Love Another – Brad Lundy / Vigorton Two – King Stitt / None Shall Escape -Johnny Clarke / Frankie And Johnny – Al Cook / If You’re Ready Come Go With Me- Cynthia Richards / All On The House – Al Cook / Girl I’ve Got A Date – King Sporty / Behold – The Setters / You Make Me Cry – Winston Jones / Thinking Of You – King Sporty / We Are Not The Same – The Cimarons / Just One Look -Annetta Clarke / Eddie My Love – Nora Dean / The Law Of The Land -Matumbi:-

Trojan have decided to give you twenty songs from now on instead of the usual twelve, on their “Tighten Up” LPs–the justification for a price increase. Sadly after the first five albums in this series (there have been eight) the standard has fallen noticeably. At a generous estimate I’d say only 12 of the 20 tracks deserve to be on this album, and there are only three outstanding numbers — “Here I Am Baby”, “I Wanna Make It With You” and “If You’re Ready Come Go With Me”. And I can’t understand why King Stitt`s 1969 recording “Vigorton Two” is here, since I`ve always seen the “Tighten Up” albums as a reflection of the very best material on the current market. Still, the love ballad “Emergency Call”, the semi-religious uptempo “None Shall Escape”, the pop/soul influenced “Thinking Of You”, and the Cimarons “We Are Not The Same” with its angry racial/social tone, are worthy inclusions and prove that JA music has much variety much quality. But perhaps Trojan ought to think twice about putting things like “All On The House”, “You Make Me Cry”, and “The Law Of The Land” on their future “Tighten Up” LPs.
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