Bullet BU 419 # The Clan – Copycats / Bunny Lee All Stars – Hot Lead (Bullet) 1969 UK 7″

The Clan – Copycats / Bunny Lee All Stars – Hot Lead (Bullet # BU 419) 1969 UK 7″

Musical backing by The Rudees

Produced by B. Lee / Bunny Lee

The Clan – Copycats / Bunny Lee Allstars – Hot Lead (Bullet # BU 419 #Mat – BU 419 A-1 / BU 419 B-1) 1970 UK 7″

Original UK pressing.


Scarce boss reggae delight with vocals from group The Clan made up of Stranger Cole , Owen Gray and Derrick Morgan with backing from The Rudies with “Woy! it a happen in a London town ….Reggae hit the town” lyrics inna tuff style, with little reminder bits of hit songs of the day for good measure…..backed by killer organ instrumental early reggae, credited to the Bunny Lee All Stars, perhaps it’s Winston Wright ? ….boss reggae top instrumental and vocal…..collectors prize.


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