Trojan TR 627 # Kingstonians – Mix It Up / I’ll Be Around (Trojan) 1968 UK 7″

The Kingstonians – Mix It Up / The Kingstonians – I’ll Be Around (Trojan # TR 627) 1968 UK 7″

MAT – TMX+27 / TMX+28

Written by J.J. Johnson / J. J. Johnson / JJ Johnson

Produced by J.J. Johnson / J. J. Johnson / JJ Johnson

Original UK pressing.

Produced by Carl “JJ” Johnson…wicked vocals in a powerful style from Jackie Bernard in lead with the tuff tuff A-side “Mix It Up” ..and soulful B-side “I’ll Be Around” in a different, mellow style, which is a different song altogether from the “I’ll Be Around” song the group sang for producer Derrick Harriott a year later in 1969 which came out on Big Shot….rare and wanted original UK Trojan collectors boss vocals.

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