Trojan TR 001 # Duke Reid – Judge Sympathy / Roland Alphonso – Never To Be Mine (Trojan) 1967 UK 7″

Duke Reid – Judge Sympathy / Roland Alphonso – Never To Be Mine (Trojan # TR 001) 1967 UK 7″

MAT – TR+001+A / TR+001+B

Produced by Duke Reid / D. Reid

A Duke Reid Production, Jamaica

Original UK pressing.

Very first in the series , gives it a whole heap of extra of a wow factor just for that… my understanding the man who was running the show with the Trojan set up was Lee Gopthall, he already had strong connection with Duke Reid from running his UK Treasure Isle label, that label was directly from Duke Reid’s Jamaican Treasure Isle label, which was from the name of his successful Off-License shop….Trojan was another of Duke Reid’s Jamaican labels and was adapted and used here by Lee Gopthall starting with this record as the very first ever Trojan release…”Judge Sympathy” is actually by The Freedom Singers with the Duke Reid All Stars (often Skatalites members) and credited on the JA release as the ‘Treasure Isle Boys’….the tune is a court room drama with rude boy getting his case ruled on….b-side “Never To Be Mine” is a totally gorgeous instrumental …. gently rockin’ like a hammock on a beach …… connoisseurs adrenalin buzz original UK rarity , a real gem.

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