Trojan TR 003 # Treetops – It’s Raining / The Sound Of Music (Trojan) 1967 UK 7″

The Treetops – It’s Raining / The Treetops – The Sound Of Music (Trojan # TR 003) 1967 UK 7″

MAT – TR+003A / TR+003B

The Treetrops AKA Three Tops

The Three Tops – It’s Raining / The Three Tops – The Sound Of Music (Trojan # TR 003) 1967 UK 7″

Produced by Duke Reid

A Duke Reid Production, Jamaica

Original UK pressing.

The Three Tops on a very early Trojan single, produced by Duke Reid. There is another cut to “It’s Raining” from a decade later (1977) by Carlton Patterson, the B Side “Sound Of Music” is proper rocksteady, lovely and mellow, and with Tommy McCook and others coming in with little bits of horns.

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