Trojan TRLS 154 # Desmond Dekker – Dekker’s Sweet 16 Hits (Trojan) 1978 UK LP

Desmond Dekker – Dekker’s Sweet 16 Hits (Trojan # TRLS 154) 1978 UK LP

Record date : 196x-197x

Album style : rock steady, ska, early reggae, solo vocal

Reggae Recipe
Licking Stick
Pickney Gal
It Mek
Life Of Opportunity
I Believe
My Reward
007 Shanty Town

You Can Get It
Archie Wah Wah
Mother Nature
Where Did It Go
The More You Live
What Will You Gain
Look What They’re Doing To Me

Producer : Leslie Kong

Written by Desmond Dekker & Leslie Kong

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