Riddim W

Riddim W


Wa Do Dem

Waan Buss

Waan The Ting


Wadada (2)


Wailing Of Black People

Wait In Vain


Waiting In The Park

Waiting In The Park (Chantells)

Waiting In Vain

Wake The Town

Wake Up

Walk Away From Love

Walk Away From Love / Rock Steady

Walk By Day Fly By Night

Walk By Day Fly By Night (Reggae Boys)

Walk Don’t Run

Walk Like Granny

Walk The Streets

Walk Through The Dawn

Walk Through The Dawn (Max Romeo)

Walk Through This World

Walk With Jah

Walk With Jah (Maytones)

Walk With Love

Wall Paper

Walla Wiss


Walls Of Jerusalem


Want A Wine

Want Gal

Want Gal (Ethiopians)

Want More

Want Want Can’t Get It

Want You Back


Wanted (2)

Wanti Wanti Can’t Get It

Wantie Wantie

Wappy Back


War (2)

War (3)

War Buss

War Dem Say

War Dog

War Don’t Pay

War In A Babylon

War Ina Babylon

War Inna Babylon

War Is Over

War Lord

War Ship

War Trumpet



Warm & Sunny Day

Warm & Sunny Day / Hunter Man

Warm Jamaican X-mas

Warm Up

Warming Up The Scene

Warn The Nation

Warn The Nation / Jah Love


Warning (2)

Warning (Desmond Young aka Desi Young)

Warning (Light Of Love)

Warning Roots


Warrior Charge


Warriors Don’t Cry


Wash Belly

Wash Belly (2)

Wash Out

Wash Out / Crime Scene

Wash Pan

Wash Pan (2)

Wash Wash





Watch Out

Watch This Sound

Watch What You Do

Watching U

Watching You

Water Bed

Water Crackers

Water Drops

Water Lilly

Water Pumping

Water Pumping / Powers Of The Earth

Water Splash

Water Splash / New Day



Watermelon (2)



Wave Of The Crosses

Wave Off The Crosses

Way Back Home

Way Down In The Ghetto

Way Of Life

Way Of Life (Ramie Pickett)

Way Out

Way Out (Generation Gap)

We A Blood

We Are Free

We Are In The Mood

We Are In The Mood / Rock Me

We Are Neighbours

We Coming

We Have Got A Date

We Have Got A Date (Jump It)

We Must Rebel

We Must Unite

We Need Love

We Need More Love

We Rule

We Rule (2)

We Rule The Border

We Run Things

We Shall Overcome

We Should Be In Angola

We Want It

We Want It (Heptones)

We Want Our Liberty

We Want Our Liberty (Lenroy Swaby)

We Want To Go Back Home

We Were Slaves

We’ll Cry Together

We’re All In This Together

We’re Gonna Make It

Weak Heart Man

Wealthy Rich

Wear You To The Ball

Weather Balloon

Weather Baloon

Weather Report

Weatherman Skank

Wedding Done Arrange


Weed A Come

Weed Day

Weed Seed



Weeping (Junior Byles)

Weeping & Moaning

Weeping & Wailing

Weeping & Wailing (Jamaican Steppers)

Weeping Eyes

Weeping Eyes (2)

Weh Dem Fah

Weh Dem Fah / Special Singer


Welcome You Back Home

Well Red

Well Without Water

Wes Roc

Wes Rock

West Indies

West King

West Of The Sun

West Pines

West Bound Train

Westbound Train


Western Region

Wet Dream

Wet Dry

Wha In Deh


What A Bam Bam

What A Bam Bam (Clarendonians)

What A Botheration

What A Botheration (See It Deh) (What A Situation)

What A Bubblin’

What A Bubbling

What A Condition

What A Condition (Pants Dem A Tear Up)

What A Confusion

What A Disturbance

What A Feeling

What A Fire

What A Fool

What A Fool (Bobby Aitken)

What A Girls For

What A Great Day

What A Happy Day

What A Life

What A Mighty God

What A Pain

What A Situation

What A Woe

What A Woe (Theo Beckford)

What A Woman

What A Wonderful World

What About A Half

What About Me

What About The Half

What Am I To Do

What Am I To Do (Wailers)

What Can I Do

What Can I Do (Webber Sisters)

What Do You Say

What Does It Take

What Does It Take To Win Your Love

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Happen Man

What Happen Man (King Cannon Special) (Call Me)

What Is Life

What Is Words

What It Is

What It Takes

What Kind Of World

What Kind Of World (Junior Byles)

What Kind Of World / Down By The River

What More

What Sweet You So

What The Hell

What We Need Is Love

What You Gonna Do

What You Gonna Do About Itm

What You Gonna Need Me

What You Wannt

Whatever It Take

Whatever It Takes

What’s Going On

What’s It All About

What’s On Your Mind

What’s The Matter

What’s Up

What’s Your Name

Whats The Matter

When Friday Come

When I Fall In Love

When I Get My Freedom

When Jah Come

When Jah Speak

When My Girl Is Smiling

When My Little Girl Is Smiling

When The Saints Go Marching In

When Trouble Tek Me

When You Go To A Party

When You Walk

Whenever There’s Moonlight

Where Angels Dare

Where Can I Lay My Weary Head

Where Can I Lay My Weary Head (Watty Burnett)

Where Is Your Love Mankind

Where Must I Go

Where Were You

Wherever I Go

Wherever I Go (Keith Hudson)

Wherever I Lay My Hat

Which Way You Going Natty

Which Way You Going Natty (Hortense Ellis)

Whinding Machine


Whip (2)

Whip (3)

Whip Them

Whip Them Jah

White Belly Rat

White Label

White Liva

White Rum

Who Are You

Who Care

Who Care / No Guns To Town

Who Cares

Who Cares (2)

Who Colt The Game

Who Could It Be

Who Da

Who Dat

Who Done It

Who Done It + Slavery Days + Hot Milk + My Heart Is Gone

Who Draw Last

Who Feels It Knows It

Who Gets Your Love

Who Have Eyes To See

Who Is Like Selassie

Who Is The Man

Who Is The One

Who Is The One (Donovan D)

Who Left The Water Running

Who Say

Who Say Jah No Dread

Who She Love

Who The Cap Fit

Who Told You So

Who Who Wha

Who You Gonna Run

Who You Gonna Run To

Whoa Now

Whole World Is A Stage

Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of


Whoo / The Doctor





Why Birds Follow Spring

Why Birds Follow The Spring

Why Can`t I Touch You

Why Did You Do It

Why Did You Leave

Why Did You Leave Me

Why Did You Leave Me To Cry

Why Did You Lie

Why Did You Lie (Sentiments)

Why Do I Cry

Why Do I Cry (Sydney Wilson)

Why Girl

Why Me Black Brother

Why Me Black Brother Why

Why Must I

Why Oh Why

Wi Nuh Like

Wi Nuh Rate

Wibble Wobble

Wichita Lineman


Wicked Babylon

Wicked In Bed

Wicked Inna Bed

Wicked Witch

Wickedest Ride

Wide Awake In A Dream

Wife & Sweetheart

Wig Wam riddim

Wiggle & Crawl

Wild 2 Nite

Wild Animal

Wild Apachie

Wild Fire

Wild Flower

Wild Flower (2)

Wild Flower / Woo

Wild Goose

Wild Out

Wild Pine

Wild West

Wild World

Will Never Leave My Love

Will Not Do

Willie Bounce

Willow Tree

Win My Love

Win Your Love

Wind & Rain


Wine & Bubble

Wine & Grind

Wine Gal

Wine Her Goosie

Wine Or Grine

Wine Yu Waist


Winey Winey

Winey Winey / Dela Skank


Wings Of A Dove


Winner (2)



Winter World Of Love


Wipe Out

Wire Waist



Wisdom (Jah Lion)

Wise Man From The Hills

Wise Up


Wiser Than Solomon

Wishing On A Star

Without Love

Without My Own

Without You

Without You (Donnie Elbert)

Wives & Lovers


Wolf & Leopard

Wolf & Leopards

Wolf & Lepard

Wolves & Leopards

Woman A Come

Woman A Grumble

Woman Capture Man

Woman De Yah

Woman Deh Yah

Woman Deh Yah / Mud Up (2)

Woman For Real

Woman I Love You

Woman I Love You (Lambert Douglas)

Woman I Need You

Woman Is Like A Shadow

Woman Love In A Night Time

Woman Of Africa

Woman Of The Ghetto

Woman’s Got To Have It

Won’t Come Easy

Won’t Give Up The Fight

Won’t Surrender

Won’t You Come Home

Wonderland By Night

Wood For My Fire

Wooden Heart


Woorld Talk

Word Is Jah

Word Of Encouragement


Words Of Fire

Words Of Fire (When Jah Come)

Words Of My Mouth

Words Of Temptation

Words Of Temptation (Teach Me)

Words Of The Father

Words Of The Prophet

Words Of The Prophet (With All Your Heart)

Words Of Truth

Words Sounds & Power


Work & Skank

Work All Day

Work For The King

Work Harder

Work It

Work It Out

Work Off

Work On Natty

Work Out

Work Wid It

Workie Workie

Workie Workie (1)

Workie Workie (2)

Working Hard

Working On A Groovy Thing

Worky Worky


World (2)

World A Music

World A Music / Jamrock

World A Music / Rastar

World A Music / World Jam


World Class

World Crisis

World Cry

World Cup

World Domination

World Dub

World Is A Ghetto

World Is A Stage

World Is A Stage (Tennors)

World Is Gonna Be A Better Place

World Is In Trouble

World Is Upside Down

World Jam

World Needs Loving

World On Fire

World Peace

World Report

World Rock

World Talk

World Upside Down

World View

World War

World Without Love

World’s Greatest


Worldwide Love



Worried Man

Worried Over You


Worries In The Dance

Worth Your Weight In Gold


Wreck A Buddy

Wreck A Pum Pum

Wreck It Up

Wreck Up A Pagan Heart

Wreck Up My Life

Write Myself A Letter

Wrought Iron

Wu Tang